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Airline Fundraising Program

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The Sustainable Sky donation option in your airline's customer flight booking flow (mockup above) would be fresh, interesting and beneficial.


Dear Airline Representative,

The Sustainable Sky Airline Fundraising Program gives your airline a simple new way to help build your sustainability credentials in an easy, low-cost and brand positive manner. Most leading airlines offer a carbon offset and/or a charitable giving option in their customer ticket booking flow. The Sustainable Sky Airline Fundraising Program provides an exciting alternative specifically tailored for airline customers.

Airlines win or lose on the back of small percentages. It is known that a small percentage (2-10%) of customers feel eco-guilt when they fly powered by fossil fuels due to the climate impact. As a result some minimise their flying or even avoid it altogether. They desire an option to reduce their impact. Airline carbon offset programs were created largely as a guilt-reducing solution for these customers almost a decade ago. However, in recent years customer uptake for this option has gone beyond a plateau and is now in gradual decline at most airlines, this is despite customer eco-guilt factors remaining at high levels. Research indicates that this decline is being driven by continued confusion, dissatisfaction and skepticism about the credibility and effectiveness of airline carbon offset programs. These programs are usually complex, occasionally deficient in integrity and often lack customer desired transparency up the supply chain from airline, carbon broker, to carbon offset project originator. This growing negative consumer perception undermines much of the reputational and commercial benefit of airline carbon offset programs. Research shows that customers would prefer to donate directly towards solving the global aviation system's environmental sustainability issue rather paying for a carbon offset temporary fix. However, customers have long indicated that they would never donate directly towards an airline’s own internal sustainability efforts. The Sustainable Sky Airline Fundraising Program provides a solution. When integrated into your airlines' customer flight booking flow, the Sustainable Sky donation solution creates an add-on eco-option that is fresh, interesting and relevant to modern customer needs and expectations. Customers can now donate directly to an independent high-integrity regulated charity that is working to enable and accelerate a smooth market transition of the entire global air transport system towards renewable energy.

The Sustainable Sky donation option will fit nicely in the mix between customers doing nothing and the expensive ‘aviation biofuel upgrade’ option that some airlines are currently exploring. It will also complement the general charity giving option that some airlines offer. Compared to a complex airline carbon offset program the annual program maintenance and verification expenses of the Sustainable Sky solution can be managed in a simple and cost neutral manner.

The Sustainable Sky Airline Fundraising Program is both a short-term and long-term win-win solution for everyone. Airlines maintain customers; customers fly with less guilt; Sustainable Sky receives a diversified and secure funding base with which to develop solutions that are beneficial to all.

To begin discussions about getting your airline involved please contact us today.

Kind regards,






Matthew Kronborg