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Achieving global sustainability is a grand challenge that needs to be fought from all angles. The Sustainable Sky Institute is the leading global independent non-profit think tank/do tank focussed on the mega-challenge of catalysing and accelerating the market transformation of the world's air transport system towards a simultaneously economically, socially and, importantly, environmentally sustainable long-term future. This is an ambitious objective that inevitably must be achieved.
Sustainable Sky is a change-maker for good. Rigorously science based and solution agnostic Sustainable Sky harnesses the power of digital technology and market dynamics to trigger, coordinate and prioritise disruptive sustainable aviation activities that allow a smooth industry transition. Sustainable Sky works to supercharge the next generation of sustainable aviation professionals; support and build capability amongst aviation executives to overcome the ongoing sustainability information and knowledge gaps; whilst concurrently inspiring and engaging the global community in solving the sustainability mega-challenge. Building on the ad-hoc efforts that have already been made by various parties including industry, academics, governments and others around the world, our organisation will work constructively with all stakeholders to research, review, develop and promote innovative mutually advantageous sustainable aviation solutions whilst working to recognise and reward early movers in the air transport sector. Our organisation brings Silicon Valley thinking to the challenge whilst it works to create and deploy a cutting-edge easy-to-use online integrated ecosystem of collaboration, communication and coordination platforms plus the broader infrastructure needed to overcome international boundaries and other traditional barriers that are collaring the advancement and evolution of this critical global system. As these enabling tools are completed we will see the emergence of exciting, robust, open-source, multi-disciplinary, convergent research on issues as they relate to sustainable aviation. As a non-profit social venture that scales up over the next few years, our organisation will aspire towards a self-funding fee-for-service business model in due course with any profit margin continually reinvested towards achieving our charitable objectives.
Behind the scenes the organisation is already developing an impeccable network of supporters.
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We are principally involved in the following activities

To achieve our charitable objectives the principle activities of the organisation include:
·       Education
·       Research
·       Solution Development
·       Network Building
·       Capacity Building
·       Collaboration Encouragement
·       Technology Sharing
·       Strategic Advisory
·       Policy Development & Advocacy
·       Community Engagement
·       Grant Making
·       Fundraising
Our position on carbon pricing and sustainable development