Our Charity Registration

We are a registered Australian Charity (ABN 33 169 713 571, ACN 169 713 571) and dutifully fulfill all of the regulatory obligations that are involved.

Our Australian Charities and Non-Profit Registration here

Our Australian Tax Office Registration here

We aim to be professional, transparent and accountable.

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Our Organization Structure

We are a constitutionally governed registered Australian charity. We have a standard charity board and CEO structure.

The primary purpose of this structure is to create a check and balance mechanism that can give our donors confidence that their funds will be solely expended as they intend.

During our early phase we will operate as a fairly traditional charity predominantly to build the critical mass of our corpus fund, however in due course we aim to transition to a self-funding non-profit social venture model with revenues being derived from the at-cost sale of our sustainable aviation related products and services.

We use foundation employees where necessary to deliver and coordinate core operations but largely aspire to utilize a much larger base of volunteers from around the world for all of our projects.

We aspire to build a community of educated sustainable aviation advocates that support us and the greater cause.