Sustainable Aviation Road Map Project & Global Research Coordination

This project would assist in setting and coordinating the global sustainable aviation research agenda and pathways, discover knowledge gaps and eliminate wasteful research duplication, as well as encourage collaboration by acting as a global knowledge transfer network.

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About this project

There are numerous local region sustainable aviation and sustainable aviation fuel 'roadmaps' that have been published around the world in recent years by groups of core stakeholders. Example roadmaps include the Australian Flight Path to Sustainable Aviation and the IATA SAF Roadmap. This project would aim to review and discover the consistent barriers that are articulated in these high level regional roadmaps, particularly barriers around suggested ongoing gaps in academic research. Through a global scientific and aviation professionals committee, existing reports would be surveyed to develop a evolving super-global road map online tool visualising and overlaying these research gaps onto a project management timeline. This would be done with the aim to mobilise academics from around the world to focus their study on these areas in a co-ordinated manner. Contributors would be able to up-vote and comment on findings as well as propose hypotheses for research. Utilising project management practices a public ‘tick box’ critical path for academic research along this roadmap would be regularly updated.

This approach to coordinating global research would largely emulate that successfully pioneered by the Movember Foundation in recent years. In 2010 it created a Global Action Plan to help coordinate prostate cancer research around the world. The Movember Foundation disovered that often several countries were working completely independently on the same line of investigation of the disease causing duplication whilst at the same time other areas of much needed research were being examined by no one, wasting time and money. Sustainable Sky could approach the Movember Foundation to share/licence their propriety sophisticated private social network that they developed for for collaborative global research called Promoveo . At a very simple level, Promoveo is somewhat similar to a private LinkedIn platform but with discussion and collaboration forums.

This platform would:
– connect the global sustainable aviation research communities
– showcase the research program and its participants
– allow researchers to collaborate by sharing knowledge
– allow researchers to search for and share resources
– provide a project tracking and management tool

This project would set the global sustainable air transport system research agenda, facilitate and coordinate international research, as well as encourage collaboration by acting as a knowledge transfer network (KTN). The sustainable aviation knowledge transfer network would occur through the online roadmap platform assisted by the employment of a sustainable aviation Global Research Program Manager. Research submitted would be reviewed and published in the Journal of Sustainable Aviation and included in the Research Library.

Preliminary forecast costs
Capital: US$500,000
Operating: US$500,000
Project duration: Ongoing

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