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This project will work to translate complex sustainable aviation research findings into accessible and entertaining formats for consumption by the general public as well as by industry, NGO's, policy makers and educators in order to influence and educate.

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About this project

The translation of complex sustainable aviation science and research findings into language that is usable by industry, NGO’s, policy makers and educators is a must. It also needs to be simplified and communicated into accessible and entertaining formats for consumption by the general public. This will include working to educate the next generations of young people for as Aristotle once said, “all improvement in society begins with the education of the young." Communicating science is an art that throughout history has always proven to be quite difficult. This project will work to solve this and will be the key to driving broad scale awareness and education around sustainable aviation, particularly through the creation of a stream of infographics and interactives.

Sustainable Sky will work with groups such as, Air Transport World magazine and specialist science communicators, such as the Republic of Everyone advertising agency, to deliver entertaining content for social media, use in news articles and inflight entertainment for supportive airlines.

Infogr would be used to help with the infographic visualisation of real time data.

This initiative will also work to promote the projects and work of other organisations working in the field of sustainable aviation.

A graphic communications expert will be employed to deliver this ongoing project.

This project has the power to influence, educate and ultimately change minds.


Animated explainer infographics can very effectively explain complex systems
Infographics are the embodiement of the saying that a picture can say a thousand words, such as this one explaining risks to Australia's liquid fuels energy security



Preliminary forecast costs
Capital: US$200k
Operating: US$150k p.a.
Project Duration: Ongoing

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