Student Design Competition Project

This competition will engage the brightest young tertiary students, especially those studying engineering and attract them to work in the the area of sustainable aviation. These students will be incentivized to work on a real mission and propose design concepts as part of an exciting contest where they could win a cash prize to fund further research and the implementation of their efforts towards a sustainable global air transport system.

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About this project

The project has two core benefits; it will generate ambitious creative ideas and designs from young students (which could be added to the Sustainable Sky Aviation Ideas Box Challenge project which is mainly targeted at working professionals) and it will engage and attract the best engineers and thinkers of tomorrow towards the field of sustainable aviation through a real mission and exciting contest. The contest will be held every second year. With each contest a newsworthy ~US$100k first prize and a ~$50k second prize be used to incentivize contributions and fund further research. The competition’s online platform will be modelled on Dell Computers 'Go Green Challenge' and the Airbus 'Fly Your Ideas’ challenge. The applications will be added to a public repository. Though intangible, the benefits of sparking young minds and evoking new thinking in this field is hugely valuable and impactful towards Sustainable Sky's charitable objectives.

Initial funds will be used to develop the online contest platform, administrate the project and grow the prize pool.

Preliminary forecast costs
Capital: US$300k
Operating: US$100k
Project Duration: 9 months every second year

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