Sustainable Sky Awards Project

This project will work to significantly strengthen the ATW Eco-Airline Awards in order to accelerate market transformation towards sustainable aviation.

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About this project

The nominations and judging process
will be similar to that used by AviationWeek
magazine for their 'Tomorrow’s Engineering
Leaders: The Twenty20s' aviation engineering
leaders awards and rankings.

Working with the ATW Eco-Airline Awards (the world’s most prestigious sustainable aviation awards) and the WWF, Sustainable Sky will add and sponsor a new ‘Market Transformative’ award category with two awards, one for individuals and one for organizations. This reasonably straight forward project will include development of selection criteria, annual application process, judging and presentation. This project will accelerate market transformation towards sustainable aviation whilst building the brand and credibility of the ATW Eco-Airline Awards. From the award nominations an annual Sustainable Sky's 'Leaders in Sustainable Aviation' Top-10 ranking scoreboard will also be created for individuals and organizations.

Preliminary Forecast Costs
Capital: US$75k
Operating: US$50k
Project duration: Ongoing

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