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This project would create a small high-caliber team of experienced sustainable aviation experts that operate as deployable business consultants available for at-cost hire by aviation organisations around the world.

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About this project

Sustainable aviation is a reasonably niche field. All known management consulting firms have thus far been unable to maintain a financially viable airline focussed aviation sustainability specialty team, largely due to geographic spread. For this project Sustainable Sky would create a small team of sustainable aviation management consultants that would be available to be deployed to airlines and related organisations anywhere in the world to solve aviation sustainability problems. These solutions could include anything from one-day intensive aviation sustainability 101 education courses for airline executives, sustainability opportunity reviews (similar to a GE treasure hunt), plus provide strategy, management and implementation advisory services. This would encourage the global distribution of sustainability skills and knowledge whilst also activating talent and consulting in the field of sustainable aviation. Those employed for this project would initially be hired on a contract basis and would likely include multidisciplinary experts with a background in airlines/aviation sustainability/management consulting/sustainability. In time this team could potentially grow to include sustainable aviation policy experts who could be deployed to advise governments, regulators and other international bodies on such things as policy settings needed to facilitate the sustainable air transport industry.

The team would operate on a non-profit cost-recovery basis priced initially likely around US$1.5k per person per day.
If you are interested in joining this exciting team please contact us at and include a copy of your resume to register your interest.

Forecast costs below would be for capability setup and to maintain mission readiness including a permanent Sustainable Sky consulting team manager.

Preliminary forecast costs
Capital: US$500k
Operating: US$200k p.a.
Project Duration: Ongoing

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