Sustainable Aviation Product Catalog Project

The Sustainable Aviation Product Catalog project will be an online service that connects buyers and sellers in the field of sustainable aviation.

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About this project

This project will create a convenient central online location where procurement managers at airlines can quickly and easily browse relevant innovative products that have environmental credentials. Similarly, sellers of such products can quickly and easily list their wares.

Background: It is well known that procurement category specialists at airlines are invariably budget stressed and time poor. They don't have the resources available to conveniently go hunting for products that have green credentials even if they are expected to do so. Thus they usually stick in their comfort zone by renewing supply agreements for the products that they have purchased previously. The Sustainable Aviation Product Catalogue project will create a convenient central digital location where they can easily browse relevant products that have environmental credentials to which they would not otherwise be exposed. Additionally due to improved visibility, airline sustainability managers will be able to use this directory to advocate for the use of these innovative alternative products. Inevitable sustainable procurement policies at airlines will provide the gentle prod needed to get procurement managers to cross-check their products against this catalogue.

How will this digital catalogue platform work? It's simple, just like a normal product catalogue.

Step 1) Sellers will be able to post their innovative sustainable aviation products to this platform for free.

Step 2) Buyers (such as airline environment managers and airline procurement category managers) will be able to review the listings to find suitable solutions for their needs.

Products listed on this catalog could include anything from largel fuel-saving electric wheel hubs for Airbus A320’s to small wooden cutlery made from certified sustainable forestry sources. Products will be easily searchable according to criteria including region, type, scale, price, positive feedback, environmental benefits and availability. A “prototyping” category will be available allowing new products yet to be fully bought to market to be listed for airlines to trial. For simplicity and privacy, transactions will not be processed through this platform, instead contact details will be provided between the parties. To help ensure that this project can become financially sustainable, suppliers will be able to pay to boost their products to the front page/top of category list in the catalog. Paid advertising will be publicly annotated so that buyers are not mislead. From a functionality/process experience perspective this platform will be similar to that of ebay, gumtree and MROLinks

Capital costs will include online platform development and the hiring of a directory recruiter with sustainable aviation procurement expertise.

Advertising revenues will be designed to make this project self-funding in the longer term.

Preliminary Forecast Costs
Capital: US$250k
Operating: ~US$100k p.a.
Project Duration: Ongoing

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