The Valhalla Project

This blue sky thinking technology concept will provide the first open-source platform for the world’s best multidisciplinary thinkers to talk, brainstorm and collaboratively answer the question of what could a step-change ideal global sustainable air transport system look like, from a techno-economic entrepreneurial perspective and then backcast a roadmap to reach this goal. This advancement of creative global system level thinking will inspire a disruptive innovation narrative and help set a democratic vision for the air transport future that humankind collectively wants and scientifically needs.

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About this project

Similar to Elon's Musk's Hyperloop Alpha concept paper from 2013 which evolved the societal narrative around the future of high-speed rail, the upcoming Valhalla Project concept paper is designed to begin a story of game-changing creative innovation in the air transport sector. The underlying Valhalla Project concept white paper is already complete.  The launch of this paper (via digital tech and aviation news media) will emulate the lauch approach taken by Musk. The Hyperloop Alpha project lauch had one drawback and that was it did not immediately capitalize on global interest and turn that awareness into developmental action through any online digital platform which risked the concept being still born. Learning from this experience creates the reason that funding is needed by Sustainable Sky at this time for this project in order to create an open source techno-economic digital research platform and online forum to allow anyone to contribute to and evolve this unique feasibility study. This will organically develop a team that can take the concept (or variation thereof) from the drawing board into reality.

Note: If you are a web developer (Ruby on Rails language) that is interested in making a pro-bono contribution to this project at this very early stage please contact us.

Preliminary forecast costs
Capital: US$250k
Operating: US$100k p.a.
Project Duration: 3 Years

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