Sustainable Aviation Jobs Board Project

This online platform will be a matchmaking service to connect job seekers with employer opportunities in the field of sustainable aviation. This will attract and retain the best talent globally to this important niche field.

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About this project

This project is a modern take on a well used highly proven concept.

This platform will list and promote jobs available for professionals in the field of sustainable aviation. Doing so will help attract and retain talented individuals in the internationally spread and diverse broad field of sustainable aviation. It will initially be free for employers to list jobs on this platform whilst it builds critical mass. Eventually this platform will switch towards being fee-for-service based in order to ensure its long-term financial sustainability.  Analytics tools will be embedded in the platform coding to measure the number of unique visitors to the page ensuring and their demographics so that advertisers can quantify effectiveness.

Members of the Sustainable Aviation Professionals Association (a proposed Sustainable Sky project) can select to receive automatic email alerts when new jobs are posted. This jobs board will be particularly useful for those seeking employment at the intersection of aviation, business and sustainability such as airline environment managers, air transport environmental regulators, sustainable aviation fuel producers, aerospace engineers, NGO’s and peak bodies.

Preliminary forecast costs
Capital: US$100k
Operating: US$10k p.a. as fee-for-service will cover most costs
Project Duration: Ongoing

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